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Hike Messenger for PC is a trending messaging application initially introduced to Android users. It lets users send and receive instant text messages for free with their friends and loved ones who also use this application. It holds many similarities in terms of features and functions to the frequently used apps in the market.

This application helps users save on communication costs of manually sending and receiving SMS through the cellular networks. Users can communicate free of charge as long as they use this application to chat with other users who also use the app. The application is also able to send SMS to the receiver’s mobile phone, but this feature is currently only available in select regions such as India.

Users can also attach and share photos, videos, as well as voice messages in their conversation through the use of this app. This makes it a viable competitor in the field of free instant messaging. Location sharing is also available so that it lets the people chatting track each other in any place around the globe. This is very helpful in some situations where you need to know exactly where you are. This is especially true if the two of you are in a foreign country wherein the streets and places are unfamiliar. It also features group chats so that users can speak with people within the group. The various emoticons also add spice and creativity to the conversations. Conversations are also protected through the use of “Hidden Mode”.

Key Features

  • App is very easy to launch and to access
  • Enables sending of chat messages even to offline Hike users
  • Allows sending of free SMS to users not in Hike (available in India only)
  • Ensured privacy with “Hidden Mode”
  • Personalize different conversations freely
  • This app’s services is free and unlimited
  • App interface is simple and functional
  • Allows sharing of various content such as photos, videos and voice messages

Main Pros and Cons


  • Application’s interface is fast and incredibly easy to use. This allows the users to immediately use its services without the need to take time in studying the app intensively.
  • Sharing of multimedia content makes conversations more meaningful and more vibrant. The app’s feature to share location proves useful in different circumstances.
  • Hidden mode provides much needed security for conversations.


  • Because the app is in the early stages, there still exists some bugs in the performance and functions
  • This app does not feature anything new as a messaging app. Its features are also commonly available in other messaging apps.

Most Common Users:

Users include those who would want to connect with their loved ones through the use of their internet connection and computers, free of charge. Users who would want a break from the mainstream messaging apps might also consider trying this app, regardless of its newness in the industry.

Author Note:

Hike Messenger for PC is a messaging app which is still under works and does not offer anything new in it. Those who want to try a different platform are free to experience this app.

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