Far Cry Primal Crack Torrent PC Game Download

An experimental victory from the developers at Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry Primal crack a video game that packs action and adventure was Ubisoft’s highest sold a video game in the first quarter of 2017. It also was one of the few from the video game developing company to reach the number one spot as the most successful games of 2016 in the United Kingdom. The game is available across multiple platforms with a release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The game is a part of the popular Far Cry line of video games. It does not continue the plot; rather it tells the story of the time of the Stone Age. Being a prequel, the game’s storyline has so much to offer as it sets the background.

Far Cry Primal Crack Torrent PC Game Download

The game begins with Takkar, a regular nomad hunter who we follow on his journey to become the tribe’s leader. However, it isn’t an easy task. The Stone Age, one of the hardest times to survive with eminent danger lurking as mammoths and saber-toothed tigers dominated the food chain. In such a time, being the only one left in your group of hunters, you as Takkar will have to use everything you find to protect yourself and fight off other predators. As a player, you will be playing an open-world exploration game of survival as you are constantly hunted. You will have to build your tribe, lead by example, and conquer lands as an apex predator. Drive the food chain as you battle the dangers around you.

Why Far Cry Primal Crack Torrent?

The gameplay is widely appreciated for its potential at limitlessness with exploration options. Set in the Stone Age, the gameplay is different from the other games in the franchise. There are new options in armory and weaponry. Instead of the RPGs, you will be using axes, clubs, spears, even your trained animals in combat. With wood and stone available in abundance, the player is expected to make their own weapons in a classic survival scheme. The weapon craft skills significantly improve in the game to make lethal weapons that help you stand against tribe leaders and predators. In an act of present colonialism, you will have to attack tribal camps, defeat their leader, and take control of the land. You will also be actively involved in the development of the seized lands. As a tribal leader, you are the person who is destined with the task to rescue people in need and scavenge for weapon crafting material. You hunt in the day and guard at night as the game goes through the motions of the cycle. The gameplay delivers a realistic experience of the time of the Stone Age in the day-night cycle it follows. Even the use of fire as a novel discovery back then is highlighted to near perfection. Especially in the nights, with more predators that are looking to prowl, fire serves as a potent source of light as well as a useful offense. Days are on the peaceful side and revolve around the scavenging of weapon material and other resources.

An aspect of the Stone Age that is perfectly depicted in the game is the association with wildlife as pets. The animals of the game could be trained to perform basic commands and over the course, the same pets can be used to fight against predators. In the game, your character’s first companion is an owl, trained to look out for enemies’ outposts and warn off incoming attacks.

Supported File Types

  • There are numerous game files of different file formats and function available in the game’s core directory. The game files once installed in the right location use the inherent file explorer to run themselves.While the game file is an executable .exe application file, there are other setup files that .txt file, .jpg files, and .dll that run in the background.

Main Features

  • Prequel to the extremely popular Far Cry franchise that has had four previous successful installments
  • Mesmerizing graphics that offer a realistic look into the Stone Age
  • Accurate representations of history
  • Indomitable and immersive gameplay
  • Survive against nature’s threats and conquer lands
  • Become a tribe leader and lead your people against other predators
  • Survive against human threats in other tribes and fight for resources
  • Unpredictable chaos in the lands of the Stone Age
  • Fight and tame beasts like the saber-toothed tiger, giant mammoth, wolf, wooly rhino, cave lions and bears
  • Explore lands like the lush redwood forests, the taiga, and frozen lands of tundra regions
  • Craft weapons like bows, arrows, spears, and clubs
  • Use your resources to make throw able fire bombs
  • Train your spirit animal Takkar’s Owl and use the spirit of the Oros to make the best fight for you
  • Cross platform availability on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
  • Dedicated support and customer care
  • Forums and Community page for interaction between players
  • Active video platform on YouTube to help new players with tutorials
  • Active fan art and cosplay community
  • Reference guides available along with the game

Operating Systems:

  • Apart from being available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game is compatible with
  • 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and the latest Windows 10 OS
  • The game is compatible only with 64-bit and not with 32-bit versions of windows.

Installation Requirements:

  • A 3 GHz processor of Intel Core i3 of the 550 series and AMD Phenom of the X4 series is the minimal requirement.
  • However, for best performance, a 4GHz processor from the Intel Core i7 generation and AMD’s best FX series is recommended.
  • 4 GB of RAM will merely run the game. To avoid lag, upgrade to a better 8 GB RAM unit.
  • A graphics card of 1GB NVIDIA or AMD Radeon has to be installed on the computer. If you’re looking for a richer experience, you can consider installing a 2GB graphics card of the same brand.
  • The game files all add up to an approximate of 20GB. For this reason, 20GB of free HDD space is recommended.

How to install and use:

  • The game can be installed using the official DVD.
  • Once mounted, the installation wizard opens in a new dialog box.
  • Follow all instructions, accept terms and conditions, and select your preferred storage drive.
  • This will complete the installation and the game will be installed on your computer.

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