amplitube 4 torrent Windows Full Version Download

AmpliTube 4 torrent is a product of the relentless programming efforts that the developers at IK Multimedia undertook to cater to their guitar and bass user community. The latest installment in the software line is AmpliTube 4, a dedicated software application for the perfect guitar and bass play virtual tone studio. It also serves as a plug-in for a digital audio workstation equipped with best-in-class amps. The software works systematically to recalibrate the entire chain of signals and recreates it retaining its authenticity. Apart from this, there are other features of AmpliTube 4 crack that are set to make the experience convenient and more reliable. The latest technology on offer like the amp effects, new models, and extra features can all be seen in the functional unit of the software. There is a better sense of adjustment and greater ability to customize with the latest edition enabling users to experiment while retaining their creativity. There is also all new gear for access for dynamic playing experience.

The inherent program for 8 track recording is operational in its standalone mode. The mode is equipped with waveform editing that is ideal for experimenting of ideas in sequence or for practice sessions. The software’s features are in line with all the requirements of a guitarist, right from the amp sounds to their freedom of creativity. The 3D cab room feature of the software adds to its sound delivery and crafting of the tones of a guitar.

amplitube 4 torrent Windows Full Version Download

The software name as AmpliTube 4 is one of the most popular ones offering the course and other key features like real-time tuning and ultra-realistic tones with the software.

Supported File Types

  • A majority of the software’s import and export of files is in different audio file formats. These supported file types include MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, SD2, AIFF, FLAC, and other audio file formats.

Main Features of AmpliTube 4 torrent presets

  • Ability to virtually have near-perfect guitar and bass amplification
  • Equipped with the latest models inspired from the golden ages
  • User-friendly interface for easier effects management
  • Ability to simulate conditions of 3D Cab Room
  • Dynamic response speakers
  • Dual-mic system for all speakers
  • Simulation for acoustic guitar and bass
  • UltraTuner feature for accurate tuning
  • Ability to select and model speaker for interaction
  • Option for Cabinet mixer
  • Recording function over 8 tracks
  • 4-track looping function
  • Between Pre-amp and power-amp, user can generate loop shot of effects
  • Ability to use one effect for two sources (Rack and Stomp)

Operating Systems:

  • Supports only 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 OS
  • Apple’s Macintosh OS X 10.7 or later is supported

Installation Requirements

  • For both Windows and Mac, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 processor is recommended
  • 2/4GB RAM is recommended
  • 6GB free HDD storage
  • Audio Unit VST (2 or 3)
  • Audio Unit AAX
  • Recommended sound card (ASIO compatible)

How to install and use?

  • The software’s license is required to use the software and install it.
  • The activation can be purchased on the developer’s website and then downloaded.
  • The download dialog box will open the installation wizard. Once all the terms and conditions are accepted, the installation will be complete.

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